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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Help Hope with a click of a mouse!!!

If you use Yahoo or Google to make internet searches, you can help raise funds for Hope Village. With only a few minutes of your time you can raise money for Hope Village every time you make an internet search or make an online purchase from a participating retailer, such as Amazon.com, Target.com, and many more. Here’s how:

Yahoo search: www.goodsearch.com follow the easy directions to download a toolbar and select Hope Foundation for Retarded Children as your charity.

Google Search:www.hope-village.givestream.com choose Hope Foundation for Retarded Children then download tool bar and Google search. Give stream also has shopping from the givestream.com website, including major Airlines, Hotels, and retailers.

The more people who participate, the more money we can raise. Please tell all your internet using friends, family and co-workers to help us! It’s a great way to raise money with only the click of a mouse. For Questions call Jeanie @ 281-400-2006.

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