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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Big Happenings at Hope

Wow its been almost a month since my last post....thats because I've been working so hard!

I have some exciting things to tell you about:

Kimberly has taken over as the Hope Village webmaster and she has done alot of work on the website.....in fact we have two web sites now. Make note that we are switching from hope-village.net to hope-village.com. Both sites will be up for a while but eventually the .com site will be the only one. There are some new pages on the site, but we are really exited to have a donation page where you can actually make donations thru paypal using your credit card or paypal account. Anyone who wants to test it for us can make a small donation!!!

I have been working hard to set up an ebay store for the Hope Village Gift Shop. Ebay has a corporate giving program call missionfish which, once your registered, gives back all fees from listing and selling on ebay. That means that Hope Village recieves 100% of the sale. If you sell on ebay or know someone who does, you can donate a portion of your profits to Hope Village.
You can pick a single item and designate the amount you want us to recieve. I will be adding items to our store as I get a chance. So far we are selling some ceramics, candles and resale shop treasure, in fact you need to go our ebay store and check it out for yourself. http://stores.ebay.com/Hope-Village-Gift-Shop . You might have to copy and paste this address into your web browser.
If you like something that we sell in the shop and its not in the ebay store let me know and I will put it in.

Don't forget to mark October 7th on your calendars. Hopes Harvest should be a blast. Our theme is Passport to the World of Wine and we will be featuring....wines from around the world.
Anyway it should be a fabulous time, and we already have some great auction items!!!

Stay Cool!!!!


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